Ital Parts Group

is a family company that since the eighties has dedicated its activities to the development and trading of high tech products as well as the supply of engineering servicesfor the implementation of industrial plants.

It operates within the worldwide market as a valid, specialized partner, a global leader, possessing the know-how and a high degree of competence achievedover several years of experience all over the world with particular regard to Iranian market.

Numerous industrial applications have been successfully set-up in variousinstitutions of considerable importance in every continent attesting to IPG'sprestige.

It is involved in many sectors as:

- Machineries
- Petrochemical
- Pharmaceutical
- Automotive

Moreover, Ital Parts Group offers a wide assortment of technologically and qualitatively advanced solutions at very favourable commercial conditions.

Ital Parts Group is a modern and innovative company, working with the objective to continuously optimize its services and products. In order to create added value and to rapidly become a leading trading company and service provider, we focus on growth and innovation.

Our Mission

We have always demonstrated being a reliable partner for our customers all over the world, guaranteeing the utmost commitment and speed in supplying them with high-quality products. Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction through a continuous quality improvement.

We are convinced that our global distribution network is one of our most important attributes when it comes to conquer markets of great interest..